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For English, please scroll down.     Das Qixi Fest feiert einen alten chinesischen Mythos. 

Jedes Jahr am 7. Tag im 7. Monat (Lunar Kalender) können die himmlische Prinzession Zhinu und ihr irdischer Eheman Liu Nong, die durch die Milchstrasse getrennt sind, für einen Tag zusammen sein. An diesem Tag kommen die Elstern und bauen eine Brücke über die Milchstrasse aus ihren Flügeln.
Wie kam es dazu?
In der Küche von homeshop in einer Hutong Nachbarschaft in Peking, ist es Abend und der Tisch ist gedeckt für das Qixi Fest. Von dort las CiCi Wang den Kunden und Besuchern des Kiosk Babylon das chinesische Märchen vor.
In the kitchen of HomeShop in a hutong neighbourhood, the table is set. It is evening. From there Cici Wang reads the story of the myth to customers in Kiosk Babylon.
Once upon a time there was a princess. She was called Zhinu und lived in heaven. She got it very bored there and so she run away. Once on earth she found lots of fun and Niu Long. Zhinu and Niu Long married and had two children.
In the meantime in heaven, it was noticed that there were no colourful clouds anymore. And that no one could weave them like Zhinu. So the heavenly goddess went to earth and fetched her back and as a result Niu Long got very, very sad.
How could he follow her?
He killed an ox and dressed himself in the oxen skin. And so Liu Nong and the two children entered heaven and reunited with Zhinu.
Once again there were no colourful clouds in heaven. When the heavenly goddess discovered that Zhinu was with Liu Nong and the children, she got very angry. She took out her hairpin and scratched the milkyway between Zhinu and Niu Long. And the two were separated once again and cried bitterly.
The magpies heard of their sorrow and promised to come every year on the 7th day of the 7th month (lunar calendar) and build out of their wings a bridge across the milky way which came to be known as the lovers way.

And so the two lovers can meet once a year on this special day which this year falls on the 24th of August …

unless it rains.

The recording of the Chinese reading is unfortunately clipped at the beginning, we hope, you nevertheless enjoy the sound.

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