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RSA Conference at Beijing International Convention Centre

At the global conference ‘Sustaining Regional Futures’ organised by the RSA (Regional Studies Association) in the UK and Beijing University of Sciences, kioskxiaomaibu will be asking academics how effective its approach has been in presenting the status quo of localities across cultures by setting up a small counter showing its work under the heading:

The role of art in questioning the status quo


The session invites open discussions around a set of associated questions:

TOPIC:    How can we value and engage with the life of a locality?

  1. What practices exist to make visible and validate local knowledge?
  2. Is there a new space for reflection and exchange that employs imaginative and cross cultural methodologies?
  3. Can we compare ‘a Western mode of thinking in models’ (Francois Jullien) to an embodied and tactile mode of knowing?
  4. How does the experience of site made by my socially constituted body compare to the experience of site made by a body accustomed to another social environment?

Petra Johnson



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www.kioskxiaomaibu.org is an NGO that takes advantage of current artistic, technological and ethical possibilities. It searches out local neighbourhoods in geographically distant places, identifies shared concerns and provides a platform for exchange via video streaming and Skype.


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