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Kunststation Kiosk Babylon introducing Lin JingJing

Since April 2010, kioskxiaomaibu has been working with Mahira Yigit Hahn, who runs Kiosk Babylon. For 2012 the kiosk is getting ready to host performative interventions by artists working in China.

Last summer we secured funding for Beijing-based artist, Lin JingJing, who has been working with performative interventions in everyday spaces.

Here are images of one of her projects:

In this project a book is chosen, that is meaningful to the culture/country in which the project takes place. Then a classroom environment is provided and a group of volunteers are asked to erase all the words in the book except the word ‘I’.

Please feel free to propose texts that would be appropriate to Germany or even Cologne specifically and we will try to arrange a performance during her visit in June this year.

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